Books By John Bridges


I am a non-fiction author based in Esperance, Western Australia.

I enjoy being with people although I’m certainly not a city guy – small towns are okay. The outback with a mate or two is where I feel most at ease. There’s nothing better than camping out under a canopy of stars and the warmth of a campfire.

During the day I like to search for and explore ruins of buildings with a view of researching them at a later time.

I’ve seen a great deal of Australia but taken a keen interest in the Nullarbor Plain. Although quite a number of people have driven across it, very few have really seen it.

I have a keen interest in Australian outback history and found so little recorded of the area, I wrote it myself in an effort to preserve it for future generations.

My working life as a bus driver gave me the chance to engage with groups of people but the peace of the outback was always calling and at every opportunity I answered that call.