Humour Through Handicap


Humour Through Handicap

Being born with cerebral palsy has created challenges through life in almost everything I’ve set out to accomplish. 

Gaining a driver’s licence became a mammoth task, not because of my ability to drive, but due to the bureaucratic red tape thrown at me in my attempts at getting a learner’s permit. This was followed by the numerous rejections from driving schools unprepared to teach me. After finally gaining my motor car driver’s licence I later gained a truck, bus and semi-trailer licence.

The many hardships throughout my life are far outweighed by the humorous incidents that have come about largely due to people’s misconceptions of the disabled.  Fortunately I have a good sense of humour that generally wins through what could otherwise become very awkward situations for all concerned.

Humour Through Handicap is my story relating the good and not so good incidents throughout the first 40 years of my life, with an emphasis on the humorous side.

The book shows a very different aspect of people with a disability. To those who have no understanding of the disabled, you are sure to have a more relaxed outlook towards them, and to those who have young disabled children, hopefully you will see a more positive future for your loved ones.

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